3 Tips To A Healthier Mouth

No one has the same routine in staying healthy. Some people run in the early hours of the morning. Others do Bikram yoga, cycling, and the hardcore compete in CrossFit. There is however one routine that all of us do (hopefully) twice a day, and that is mouth care. Brushing, flossing, and caring for our teeth is something we all must do each and every day. Our parents made sure of it, “Brush your teeth before bed!”

In our quest for a healthier life we seem to overlook this daily ritual and use traditional oral products that are loaded with nasty chemicals, fluorides, and alcohol. And what’s more is that these products don’t kill off bad breath germs and prevent dental problems as well as you’d think. Below are three tips on how to change up your dental routine and have a healthier mouth.


1. Switch Your Mouthwash To A Natural Blend

Mouth-wash-007Mouthwashes with alcohol have been proven to be counterproductive in destroying bad breath germs. It may feel great after a fresh rinse but in fact it reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth and this leads to making your breath worse over time.

What’s scarier is that bathroom disinfectant chemicals can be found in some mouthwashes, like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and even formaldehyde. Instead of using toxic mouthwash, look for natural alternatives that are alcohol free and hold ingredients like aloe vera gel or vegetable derived propandeiol. This will ensure a far more pleasant and effective solution to your mouthwash.

2. Consider A Toothpaste Change Up

tube-toothpasteThe big brand toothpastes you probably have in your bathroom contain a slew of ingredients that are just unnecessary and potentially harmful. To start, most of these toothpastes have significant levels of fluoride in it.

Yes fluoride is not harmful in small doses but the problem is if your toothpaste, mouthwash, and even your water contains fluoride, there’s no control over how much you ingest over time.

Furthermore, nearly all big brand toothpastes utilize abrasives which can lead to weakened tooth enamel. A popular abrasive big brand toothpastes use is calcium carbonate. Artificial sweeteners are frequently added to big brand toothpastes in order to mask the taste of all the chemicals. Look for toothpastes that utilize vegetable oils and natural flavors like peppermint or spearmint oils.


3. Yes Your Floss Too Can Be Improved

flossing1-300x168It sounds crazy but there is actually a difference between using big brand name flosses and naturally made nylon floss. The difference is really in the ease of use.

Floss with natural ingredients like bees wax, jojoba wax, and acacia Senegal gum make flossing a lot more enjoyable. These ingredients make the nylon floss stronger so that there isn’t any fraying or snapping. Natural floss may be slightly pricer but when it comes to your gums it’s always worth it to spend the extra dollar or two.

So next time you’re shopping for big brand products, look at the ingredients and see if there is a natural alternative. It’s true that altering our workout routine or diet takes discipline, we certainly can easily improve our mouth care habits!



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