[Video] Jobless and angry, Saudi dentist burns his certificate

JEDDAH — A Saudi dentist in Hafer Al-Batin, who has been desperately looking for a job for the past two years, has burned his university degree certificate after not finding any job in Saudi hospitals since his graduation.

He posted a video clip of him burning the certificate.

Dr. Mohanna Saud Al-Anazi said he obtained a degree in dentistry from Jordan University of Science and Technology two years ago.

“I have applied for a job through the Civil Service Ministry and could not find any job till date,” Al-Anazi told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

He said the ministry had failed to provide jobs to more than 600 dentists although they have fulfilled all the necessary conditions including training.

“The ministry has provided jobs to only 24 women dentists from a total of 310 applicants and 185 male dentists from 485 applicants,” he claimed.

Dr. Mohanna Saud Al-Anazi burning his university degree certificate in Hafer Al-Batin.

Al-Anazi said he had tried for other jobs through the ministry’s website including the job of a muaqib or a liaison officer, but his application was rejected for being overqualified.

“I burned the certificate out of utter disappointment after not getting any job after wasting seven years on studies and job hunt,” Al-Anazi said. “I am head of a family and I have to look after my children and meet their requirements.”

He said he could not find any job opportunity in any Health Ministry hospital. One polyclinic offered him a job of an assistant doctor with a salary of SR4,000. “I did not accept that job because I know even a security guard receives SR5,000 as monthly salary.”

Al-Anazi criticized the ministries of civil service, health, and labor and social development for not taking serious measures to find jobs for Saudis, replacing expats.

“I know that the Health Ministry has appointed a large number of foreign dentists in its hospitals,” he said, adding that the ministry has not taken steps to Saudize health jobs.

Referring to Saudization of mobile phone shops, he said those who work in these shops would not get good salary.

“Authorities should nationalize jobs that will help Saudis earn good salary.”



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