NewsWorld Man stabs dentist to death 25 years after being left with yellow teeth from surgery

A man stabbed his dentist to death in an act of revenge 25 years after being left with yellow teeth from surgery.

The knifeman, who has not been named, stabbed 60-year-old Chen Zhongwei more than 30 times before jumping to his death from his victim’s balcony, police said.

Retired dentist Mr Zhongwei died after almost 43 hours of emergency surgery at his own hospital.

Police said Dr Chen was stabbed in the head, chest, abdomen and arms and that his wife was also injured but survived the attack last week.

Guangdong general hospital, in Guangzhou, China, said Dr Chen’s attacker had confronted him last month to demand compensation after he became distraught when he discovered his teeth were discoloured.

The patient, who also had a history of mental illness, received dental surgery from Dr Chen in the 1990s, according to the hospital.

The patient was unhappy that his teeth had been left.

Dr Chen’s death has sparked public outcry in with hundreds of mourners gathering in the city to light candles and to urge police to crack down on hospital-related crimes.

Medical workers in China are often targeted by patients or their relatives who are unhappy with their treatment or suspicious of malpractice.

Doctors and nurses have reported abuse, threats and violence in recent surveys.

Patients in China have a large proportion of medical expenses covered by its welfare system but some pay extra fees for a place in a queue to see a doctor and offer bribes to ensure the best treatment.

Liao Xinbo, a local health inspector, told the China Daily newspaper: “The government must enhance public education to correct people’s view that they are paying for a guaranteed cure.”



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