Mistreatment of braces

This is the real case from Klinik Pergigian Mama, Kota Bharu.

A power chain was attached to a ligature wire! ( Ligature wire is a very thin wire not meant to align teeth!)

She was not the first patient who came to me, complaining about mistreatment of braces. she’s the third in fact . The first patient came to me crying, knowing the fact that her teeth has became worse than before braces was being put on her teeth.

Patient #1:

This patient has been lured by an offer to do a quick braces by an Indian guy in Cheras. Treatment was done on a plastic chair at a house nearby.

Patient #2:

Patient is studying abroad, can’t wait for my appointment since he has limited time at home. Went to a NON medical based person, put on his braces , but came back to me 2 days after, complaining about how bad the treatment was and his alignment became worse even after 2 days! Treatment was done at home!

Patient #3:

Patient communicated with a Malay woman via Whatsapp, agreed to put on her braces at a local hotel, ON the BED! To my surprise, this lady has got so many patients that made her works from morning til late at night! charged the patient RM600, plus rm100 on every visit. And the results? Her teeth became crooked instead!

All three patients was cheated, lured and promised to have a better teeth alignment by someone who is not even a doctor, far from being a professional! Please dear Malaysians, kindly think forward for your own health.



This particular tooth 43 has extruded!! (Came out from its bone)



No attachment to posterior teeth at all!


Decayed tooth was not even considered!


Teeth alignment became worse than before treatment was done




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