[Video] Girl’s wobbly milk tooth pulled out by a hungry squirrel

Can I have another $5 from the tooth fairy for this?’ Little girl lets her father enlist a SQUIRREL to pull out her loose milk tooth.


  • Man decides dental floss, granola and a squirrel will remove loose tooth
  • The ‘internet first’ plan was played out at a park in Montreal, Canada
  • Squirrel is filmed running off with treat, result is the girl’s tooth comes out 


This is the ingenious moment a father used a squirrel, some granola and dental floss to remove his daughter’s wobbly milk tooth.

Filmed at a park in Montreal, Canada, the tasty treat is connected to the little girl’s tooth via some floss. And when the squirrel runs off with the loot, the job is done and the tooth is pulled out.

The clip begins by showing the father and daughter sat on a bench.

milk tooth
The man films himself tying the dental floss to his daughter’s loose milk tooth for a plan with a difference.
squirrel tooth
And it’s not long until a squirrel mounts the bench where the girl is sat, picks up the granola, and makes a dash for it.
end result
The end result is that the girl now has the problem solved, and holds up the tooth, hoping for another $5 for her part in the incident.

‘We are doing an absolute internet first today,’ says the father. ‘We are going to remove a loose tooth with a squirrel.’
A string of dental floss is then attached to her tooth at one end and to a chunk of a granola bar at the other.

One squirrel appears in shot almost immediately, ‘almost ready to do our work’, says the father.
‘When the squirrels come, they’re going to run off, taking the tooth with them,’ he adds.
‘Uh-oh,’ says the little girl, as three squirrels circle the bench.

The root of the problem
The root of the problem: The clip begins by the father telling his daughter to show off the wobbly tooth.
granola bar
And this is what the father hoped would attract the squirrels to the plan, a piece of a granola bar
Not me, go over there: The squirrel first went up to the girl instead of the food, but soon changed its mind.

Eventually one squirrel takes the food and runs away, pulling the loose, bloodied tooth out, which the man proudly shows off to the camera.
But the animal then escapes up a tree, and only quick-thinking from the father rescues the tooth being lost forever.
‘Can I have another $5 from the tooth fairy,’ says the girl, after she more than played her part in the scene.

film tooth.jpg

The filmer later wrote online: ‘Not many people get to say they did something for the first time in human history.
‘Today, my kid and I get to say that.
‘We pulled her tooth using the help of a real live squirrel,’ he continued.
‘We tied dental floss to the loose tooth, and a piece of granola bar to the other end – the rest is internet history.’





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