Early Tooth Growth 5: Dental Emergencies


If your child has a sore tooth, gently clean the area. Use floss to clear out any food that may be stuck in or near the tooth. Have them rinse their mouth with warm water or warm salt water. Do not apply heat to the gum or tooth. If your child’s cheek or face is swollen, apply a cold compress and contact us immediately. If the pain persists for more than a day, please contact us for additional treatment options.


If your child has bitten their tongue, lip, or cheek has been cut in their mouth, apply firm but gentle pressure with a clean cloth or gauze to stop the bleeding. Apply ice to the area to reduce swelling and relieve pain. If the bleeding does not stop, call a doctor or take your child to an instacare or emergency room.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your child’s baby tooth has been knocked out, it does not usually cause problems or require treatment. Contact your pediatric dentist during regular business hours. If your child has had a permanent tooth knocked out, see a Seattle pediatric dentist immediately! If possible, find and save the tooth. Hold it by the crown, not the root. Rinse the tooth with water, but do not clean with soap. If the tooth is not cracked or damaged, try to put it back in the original socket and have your child hold it in place by biting on gauze. If you cannot put the tooth back in its socket, put it in a cup containing the patient’s saliva or milk.

Chips And Fractures

If your child has chipped or cracked a tooth, contact their dentist immediately. If you do not take any action, the tooth could become infected and require extensive dental treatment. Rinse your child’s mouth thoroughly with water. If fragments have broken off, save them and bring them with you to the dentist.



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