My Better Dentists is an independent community dedicated to improving oral health and wellbeing around Malaysia. We have continued to provide independent and impartial advice on all aspects of oral health directly to those who need it most. Formed in 2015, the concept of preventive dentistry and the benefits which could ensue from it were very new and being practiced by only a small proportion of the dental profession.

The mouth reflects general health and well-being. Oral health is more than healthy teeth. Oral diseases and disorders in and of themselves affect health and well-being throughout life. Lifestyle behaviors that affect general health such as tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, and poor dietary choices affect oral and craniofacial health as well.

Visiting your dentist regularly is the best way to keep on top of your oral health. Oral diseases and conditions are associated with other health problems. Safe and effective measures exist to prevent the most common dental diseases—dental caries and periodontal diseases. There are profound and consequential oral health disparities within the Malaysia population.

Oral health is just as important as your normal health and we should be making as much effort to keep our mouth healthy as the rest of our body. More information is needed to improve Malaysia’s oral health and eliminate health disparities. Promoting and enhancing the oral health of the public is key to further reduction in the burden of diseases and disorders that affect the face, mouth, and teeth.

My Better Dentists is intended to increase awareness of dental public health. Our blog exploring the latest news and issues of the heart of dentistry and oral health, includes opinion, comments, facts, tips and information from one of the best dental experts. You have one set of adult teeth to last your lifetime. We wished to see the preventive message that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ spread as widely as possible to the public with the aim of improving the overall oral health of everyone.