Happy Diwali!!

Wishing you all a very happy and a safe Deepavali. Have plenty of fun!

Dental Teamwork

It takes teamwork to have great teeth! You have to practise daily dental hygiene and we’re here to fix your teeth and make that better!

Rio 2016 Olympics

Counting down for tonight’s badminton match! MALAYSIA BOLEH!  

A Confident Smile Will Change Your Life.

No one knows more about your oral health than your dentist and dental team. Most people would say that dentists ‘fix teeth’; what they actually can do is create confidence – confidence in a beautiful, natural smile. There are three factors that influence the beauty of a smile, and therefore the confidence it gives, and…

Abolish compulsory government service

Sincere comment from worrisome parents. MY son graduated as a dental surgeon from a local private university on December 2015 after five years of intensive study and spending a few hundred thousand dollars. Sadly, he is still waiting to be called for an interview for the one-year compulsory government service and is not gainfully employed….

Euro 2016

Anticipate tomorrow Euro 2016 matches!