Rio 2016 Olympics

Counting down for tonight’s badminton match! MALAYSIA BOLEH!   Advertisements

A Confident Smile Will Change Your Life.

No one knows more about your oral health than your dentist and dental team. Most people would say that dentists ‘fix teeth’; what they actually can do is create confidence – confidence in a beautiful, natural smile. There are three factors that influence the beauty of a smile, and therefore the confidence it gives, and…

[Video] Girl’s wobbly milk tooth pulled out by a hungry squirrel

Can I have another $5 from the tooth fairy for this?’ Little girl lets her father enlist a SQUIRREL to pull out her loose milk tooth.   Man decides dental floss, granola and a squirrel will remove loose tooth The ‘internet first’ plan was played out at a park in Montreal, Canada Squirrel is filmed…

Euro 2016

Anticipate tomorrow Euro 2016 matches!